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During a work meeting, have you ever caught yourself thinking something along the lines of, “this meeting really could have been an email!” We’ve all been there: the agony of sitting through an hour-long meeting, only to leave the meeting and not be clear as to why that meeting happened in the first place!  This dilemma […]

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Effective communication through output driven communication

Output-Driven Communication: How to Effectively and Efficiently Communicate

Ask yourself, how well do I respond to turbulence and uncertainty? Evaluating yourself helps you to grow as a leader, and here’s how you can do so.

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Keeping Your Character Intact When Screaming is Not an Option

We’re going to squash five myths that promise to create workplace efficiencies for you and your company. Like marshmallows in your afternoon coffee, this is a sweet bonus that will have you zipping through the day with more speed and energy.

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Like Marshmallows In Your Afternoon Coffee

To better understand the type of leader you are, you must ask yourself: How emotional am I? The more you examine your emotional responses, the better you can lead your company. Likewise, understanding how emotions drive your employees will help you tap into their strengths and navigate challenging situations.

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What’s Your Leader Demeanor