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New School
HR Support for Your Growing Business


We provide a fast, flexible, and fun experience where the old boring HR standards intersect with enhancing human dynamics and amplify an organization's atmosphere.


At Workplace Harmony we celebrate, cultivate and harmonize dynamic workplace cultures for passionate, underserved entrepreneurs through open dialogue and creative strategy.

Electrify Your Culture. 

Amplify Your Impact.



Accelerated Mergers and Aquisitions

We help make mergers and acquisitions smooth and seamless with our pre and post sale support.

Need support around one particular project or internal shift? We've got you covered!

Organizational Enhancements and Evolution

Full-service outsourced HR support and teams led by our very own human operations guru and founder.

Advanced Human Operations

Small scale outsourced HR support designed for your exact company size and needs.

Dynamic Human Operations

A comprehensive and supported DIY program that provides support for all of your growing HR needs.


We offer everything from a step-by-step DIY HR program to a fully staffed and outsourced HR team. Each service is customized around your company size and needs, with no long term commitments! All contracts are signed for 6 months or less.


Oh my gosh. Wow. Where do we even start? We built our company with Workplace Harmony from the ground up. When you came to our start-up we had nothing in place and you helped build out everything we needed from a handbook to benefits to payroll systems and more. You and the team also got up to speed quickly and handled anything that came our way in that first year. We've now been able to move to in-house HR model and you were instrumental in finding the right people for that team and now helping with transition. It's just been awesome.

Mike Schreiber,

CEO Playfly Sports

We wish all service providers and vendors were as good as the Workplace Harmony team. They go over and above for us. They get to work and do what they say they will do. We honestly wish other vendors would take notes and show up like Workplace Harmony

Christian Seem



I would say if you need an HR function, Workplace Harmony provides high level professionals who are great to work with. You make everyone feel like we are your only client. Never once did it feel like you had other clients even though we know you did.

Ken Wajda

CFO Playfly


I like the way Workplace Harmony has ideas and possible solutions to my issues while we’re discussing the situations and then circles back with follow up. They always provide an updated list of her deliverables and status.

Maura McMahon

CFO and Owner McMahon Insurance Agency


The Harmonizing Human Performance Series is very good and very helpful. I’m a very process oriented person, when going through the process of hiring someone, I did my own research on hiring someone, but then HHPS came along, I realized that I needed to go about this differently. I also found the onboarding extremely helpful it gave me so many ideas, I've taken those ideas and put them into place
to enhance our own onboarding process.

Hendrik Jan Francke

CEO of Bright Orange Thread


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