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Scrappy HR is like having an affordable, effective, and easy HR team in your pocket!

Tutorials, guides, templates and an HR Advisor that make the heavy lifting of Human Operations a whole lot lighter.

Scrappy HR is like having an affordable, effective, and easy HR team in your pocket!

why scrappy hr?

Because we are determined to help make you successful and support you through all the unpredictable HR things that come up in a business. The ones that you don’t have time to research and figure out on your own. We get downright feisty to help make sure HR is not a “dirty word” in your business.

Scrappy HR gives you access to at your finger tips resources and your very own HR Bestie, your “phone a friend” in HR for those moments when you need answers quick, when you need assurance that you are doing the right thing, need a template, or when you have a situation taking place in your business that you want an HR professional to review.  

why scrappy hr?

who is scrappy hr for?

who is scrappy hr for?

  • Are you an emerging & high growth business with 0-20 employees?
  • Would you love your own HR staff to help you hire and manage people, but your budget does not allow it? 
  • Do you need answers now - like tomorrow - for that latest unemployment insurance message, or performance issue, or a quick hiring question? 
Then listen up, you can get a dedicated advisor on call and access to our full library to help you through hiring, firing and people managing.
Like one client who recently joined. She had a performance issue with a new hire. She reached out, joined Scrappy HR, and by the next day our team of HR pros had a plan, timeline, templates in the CEO’s hand and specific next steps on what to do and how to say it. Scrappy HR helped this CEO navigate choppy water and come out the other side with confidence and assurance.

Select a topic you need help with right now from our full library of resources, and get immediate access to the videos, worksheets, and templates.

Run your questions and situations by your HR Advisor to ensure you are on the right track and to map out a strategy for your HR need.

No need to be an HR expert in your business - Workplace Harmony's team has got you covered.   


Pick an HR topic

Engage With your HR Advisor

sleep like a baby

  • A personal HR Advisor who can answer your questions and talk through unique situations that come up in your business (up to 3 hours per month)

  • Unlimited access, anytime you need it, to our full library of professional training, so that you can stay up-to-date with best practices, download templates and receive the information you need to protect your business

  • Confidence that Google can’t provide you

  • Access to the Scrappy HR community on Facebook so you have a tribe to ask questions of any time

  • Flexible Solution: no long-term obligation

There is no better HR support deal out there. 

for only $500 a month all of this is available to you

for only $500 a month all of this is available to you

Discipline & when to fire someone (without getting sued)

revamping performance: feedback, honesty & candor done right

cultivating an inclusive & electrifying culture

getting newbies up & running

Hiring Rockstars

All of these modules, worksheets, templates, and trainings ($2000 value) come with your Scrappy HR subscription. Watch then anytime you need a topic, refer back to it, skip ahead....it's all about YOU and keeping you supported exactly how you need it in this moment!

your scrappy hr Modules

YOUR Scrappy hr Modules

Scrappy HR was built just for YOU!

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CEO of Bright Orange Thread

Hendrik Jan Francke

The Scrappy HR Series is very good and very helpful. I’m a very process oriented person, when going through the process of hiring someone, I did my own research on hiring someone, but then Scrappy HR came along, I realized that I needed to go about this differently. I also found the onboarding extremely helpful it gave me so many ideas, I've taken those ideas and put them into place
to enhance our own onboarding process.